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ADHD Coping Goal: Self-Control, Concrete Thinking, & Calmness

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Do you ever feel like no one hears you . . . I mean really HEARS you? I feel this way every single day of my life. When it comes to talking about something, I have this innate need to thoroughly explain my point, my take, my perception – whatever I’m trying to convey – in order to feel understood. I expect undivided attention, without interruption of course, otherwise I get derailed and forget what I am saying which then sends me into a tizzy of sorts, and my emotions erupt like Mount Vesuvius!!!

ADHD is not intentional

I love using the word brevity, but rarely can apply to my own articulations. How do I deter my emotions from overpowering my intelligence? I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Just kidding. My next blog post will address specific coping mechanisms for over-explaining, which I aspire and intend to master. The one coping mechanism I use daily are the 3 Cs of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • C1 – Catch: I [try to] identify the thought that came before the emotion;
  • C2 – Check: I [try to] reflect on how accurate ans useful the thought is; and
  • C3 – Change: I [try yo] change the thought to a more accurate or helpful thought as needed.

How do you deal with over-explaining? Do you catch it and try to implement a behavior modification? Please share your thoughts/comments below.

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