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ADHD & Defensive Reactions

Have you ever felt that everything you do requires an explanation? What I mean is that you feel the overwhelming need to explain why you did something the way that you did? Even without being questioned about what you did? This, my friends, is yet another part of my ADHD life. But here is the kicker . . .the answer goes much deeper than the term ADHD.

ADHD Hijacks

April 18, 2022

If you type in the the terms “ADHD science” in a search engine, a plethora of information will return, and the kicker is the information returned on your command will vary according to where you are located in our amazingly vast Universe. It just blows my mind. Try it out out. What kind of information returns from the search?? How do you know if such information is valid? Do you understand what scientific research is? Is it the same ot different from evidence-based research? Do you know and underatand how it is applied in the field, and how to utilize it? My unsolicited suggestion – learn what evidence-based research is and then learn more about science topic research in general. And finally, how to sift out what you are looking for . . . ESPECIALLY when it related to ADHD.

To be continued . . .

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